Zack Snyder teases Deathstroke in Justice League

Zack Snyder

by John Nugent |
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Back in August, we discovered that Ben Affleck’s long-planned solo Batman movie would feature Deathstroke as its key villain. Despite that movie being a good 18 months away, we even know who will be playing him: Joe Manganiello. But now it seems the mercenary also known as Slade Wilson could be popping up in next year’s Justice League.

At least, that’s what the internet has decided, after Justice League director Zack Snyder tweeted a photo of himself fiddling with a storyboard on an iPad. Online sleuths were quick to zoom and enhance the picture to show that, yes, those storyboards show the distinctive eyepatch of Deathstroke himself.

Zack Snyder

Now, this is very far from a confirmation – Snyder could well just be looking at some early Batman storyboards. Or it could just coincidentally be another character with an eyepatch. Warner Bros. have yet to confirm either way.

But posting a high-definition image with easily-observable sensitive information like this hardly seems like an accident. It also makes sense that they would cast the character this early: DC’s superhero ensemble movie has nearly finished filming, so Manganiello might have popped along to Warner Bros.’ Leavesden studios for a little cameo.

More concrete information is sure to arrive between now and 17 November next year, when Justice League arrives in cinemas. In the meantime, [have a read of our Justice League set visit, why don’t you?](


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