X-Men Peek Postponed

Trailer won't appear as soon as planned

by Willow Green |
Published on

Fans aching for a peek at Bryan Singer's X-Men movie will have to grit their teeth a little longer, as Cinescape Online reports that plans to show the trailer on prints of forthcoming flick Bicentennial Man have been scrapped. Apparently, Fox are nervy that they still haven't got the right material for the teaser, and are keen to avoid what the Toronto Sun describes as an 'early marketing misfire' with promotion - release is slated for summer 2000.

And today Cinescape give a further clue to the decision - the FX team for the project has only just been hired, meaning any footage already in the can is going to be lacking the polish, not to mention effects. Keep up with production gossip at the unofficial The X-Men Site.

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