X Marks The Spot

by empire |
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The Internet community turned as one and gaped in awe at Warner Bros’ ingenious AI marketing campaign. The trail of fictional websites, painting a picture of the film’s universe captured the imagination of net-heads everywhere and saw many a night wiled away to the search for more elusive sites. However, this ingenuity seems to have stirred up Fox’s creative juices and a gimmick-laden marketing war has erupted. Project APE (Alternative Primate Evolution) has taken off in an attempt to whip the Internet into an even bigger frenzy. Posing as an official scientific endeavour, the project indicates startling archaeological discoveries that point to the evolution of an advanced simian arthropoid - ie Planet of The Apes’ hairy protagonists. Ladling on the pseudo X-Files government conspiracies, the Project APE website urges citizens to hunt down this important ‘scientific evidence’ before the men in black can conceal the truth. Assuming that all Americans are in possession of a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) unit – a snip at around

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