Writers Strike Round-Up

Everyone settling in for the long haul

Writers Strike Round-Up

by Helen O'Hara |
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Well, it's a slow news day - not least because all the writers in Hollywood are out on picket lines instead of working their fingers to the bone coming up with great new film ideas for us. And everyone is now settling in for the long haul, with the strike expected by many to last into 2008.

Despite back-channel negotiations, there is apparently no movement on the major issues on either side, and some are even expecting the strike to last until mid-2008. Both sides are presenting a hardline attitude up front, although the WGA is said to be considering issuing "waivers", which were used during the last strike. Those allow certain writers to work on named projects, on condition that they would be compensated under the terms of the new contract, when that's eventually reached. Meanwhile, it seems that animation isn't covered, and nor are Canadian shows for Canadian based writers who belong to the DGA.

But the sad fact is that it's still bad news for viewers. The late night talk shows are all off the air at the moment, which impacts heavily on studio's publicity campaigns for upcoming movies, and other scripted dramas are already shutting down - The New Adventures of Old Christine and Back to You are out, and The Office (US version) is expected to follow any moment. Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, The Shield and The Unit are also under threat, as their creator-producers show solidarity with the writers.

What's worse, horror of horrors, is that agents are being told to cut back on expensive lunches, travel and overtime. Oh, the humanity! UIt's possible that they might have to fly...economy. Oh let this nightmare come to an end soon!

We'll keep you up to date occasionally as the strike rumbles on - in the meantime, you might want to stock up on some DVD box sets and catch up on your TV viewing.

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