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Early rumblings link Frakes to Star Trek 11

by Willow Green |
Published on

We heard a rumour this morning and... no it's barely worth mentioning, forget we said anything. Really? You're positive you want to know? Well alright then, if you're sure. The word on subspace at the moment is that, while almost nothing concrete is known about the film itself, Jonathan Frakes in the earliest of early talks to direct Star trek 11. According to Sci-Fi Wire, Trek producer Rick Berman confirmed that a conversation has been had but that it's still very early days. "I spoke to Jonathan about a half an hour ago," he told the site. "There are very, very early conversations going on about a film project. But they're so early that it's really kind of silly to talk about it now." "Is this a good thing?" You ask, "after all, Thunderbirds was a bit rubbish." True, but he directed First Contact as well, which is arguably the high point of the entire franchise. As to what this mystery instalment has in store, Berman support the Starfleet Academy rumours that Frakes himself supported when he was in the office for our live web chat last week (click here). "It would be an entirely new setting and an entirely new set of characters, and it would take place prior to any of the series." Starfleet Academy does have a suspicious whiff of teen movie meets sci-fi about it - which is simply too horrible to contemplate - but if Frakes does end up involved then we'll remain cautiously optimistic.

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