Wonder Woman Begins?

Joss Whedon discusses his super chick

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Joss Whedon, he of Empire's Serenity webchat fame… oh, and that show about the girl who kills vampires, has spilled a bean or two about his hopes for his next film, which some of you will already know to be Wonder Woman.

During a conversation he had with Sci Fi Wire recently, the Whed spoke of his wishes to go right back to the origins of the character, in a similar vein to what Christopher Nolan did with Batman just a few weeks ago. "What's exciting is, like, Batman Begins basically really did a wonderful job explaining exactly why he was a bat and why he had everything on his costume that he did," he said. "That's the joy of doing an origin story of Wonder Woman. Why does she wear the bracelets? Why does she use the lasso? Like, ... where does all that stuff come from? ... And I have answers for all of that, and it's really fun."

This also, to everyone's relief, prevents it from being any kind of re-imagining - "It's not a reinvention like, 'Oh, she's going to dress like Trinity'" he said reassuringly. "I want to see Wonder Woman as I know her and see her, not ... [just] star-spangled panties. But she wears the Wonder Woman outfit, and she has the bracelets and all the accoutrements; The lasso and, if I can make it work for the plot, the invisible plane. I have a take on it that, which I think is cool. It's just I'm structuring the plot, and I've got to find a place for it. But I think people want it, and I think I can do it without ... it being campy, believe it or not. And I respect those things. I, in fact, love them."

He didn't give anything away about casting yet, but it's still very early days. The film is currently scheduled for release in the summer of 2007.

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