Women! Join Us!

by Willow Green |
Published on

Buena Vista International and Cable and Wireless are teaming up to develop a web site for The Horse Whisperer. In the film, Kristin Scott Thomas uses the net to track down the Robert Redford character. Buena Vista have said that this is a "practical demonstration of using the Net to track down things you don't know much about," and UCI cinemas are giving away free internet beginners' guide on CD ROM as part of the marketing campaign. The official Buena Vistas angle on the whole thing is that it's an attempt to supposedly get more women to use the internet. You may think this is patronising. We couldn't possibly comment. (Of course, no-one actually says what search parameters Kristin used. Try searching for "horse+good looking bloke with sore throat" in real life and see what you get...)

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