Wolves In Space

Renny Harlin has Full Moon Fever

by Willow Green |
Published on

We're sure you've all at some point in your childhood been subjected to the didactic tale of the boy who cried wolf. You remember the story: Once upon a time there was a boy who liked to cry wolf. However, after seeing his flock eaten in an ironic but inevitable twist of fate, the boy become disillusioned with his life as a shepherd, took a B-Tech in mechanical engineering and qualified to join a team of labourers en route to repair structural damage on the first lunar colony. Or maybe not, but it does lead us rather nicely to Full Moon Fever, one of the daftest pitched Hollywood must have heard in a while. Based on an upcoming graphic novel, the film sees a group of interstellar builders on the moon to do some work on a NASA base (doubtless sucking air through their teeth, shaking their heads and saying "You've had some right space cowboys in 'ere and no mistake"). But once there, shoddy grouting is the least of the labourers' worries as they're set upon by a rampaging pack of werewolves

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