Winslet Pregnant

Titanic star to be a mum

by Willow Green |
Published on

Kate Winslet has confirmed that she is expecting her first child in September, ending the endless speculation that began when she attended the LAS premiere of her film Holy Smoke. Then husband Jim Threapleton patted Kate on the stomach, a gesture that send the tabloid press into a frenzy - and they were right after all.

Currently working on Enigma, the story of Britain's WWII code-breaking team, Kate has made no secret of her wish for a family. She recently said, "I adore babies and children. I'm determined to become a young mother, because my own experiences of being a child and a teenager will be fresh". Kate's delighted mother-in-law told reporters yesterday, "I must admit we've had the odd bottle of champagne since we found out. It really is terrific news or them both."

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