Win A No Time To Die Clapperboard In A New Charity Auction

Cary Fukunaga, Daniel Craig

by James White |
Published on

We won't get to see the latest James Bond outing - No Time To Die, in case you forgot in all this time – until November at the earliest. But now, in a charitable effort to raise funds for the NHS, Eon productions is offering a chance to win a clapperboard from the movie.

Yes, that piece of kit (used to be a board, now more usually a mix of digital tech and old school, though the Bond version looks more of the old school) that you see a crew member using to sync up cameras and sound before a shot, can be yours for the cheap as cheap price of... (checks current bid)... er, £12,000. It's hardly chump change, and you'll probably need a loan from a friendly CIA agent if you want to stay in this game. Plus the auction closes today.

Still, it's a good cause and a chance to own an exclusive piece of a movie that we're all still waiting to see. Not to mention it also comes signed by director Cary Fukunaga and many of the cast including one Daniel Craig. We'd raid Hewitt's piggy bank but A) social distancing and B) it's probably just full of sweets.

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