Wilson To Lose Knackers!

Luke signs on for Barry Munday

Wilson To Lose Knackers!

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It's a question that has plagued mankind (and long been a fantasy of womenkind) since the dawn of comedy. What would it be like for a man to wake up without his gonads? Well, the wait is over – that very situation is about to be tackled by Barry Munday, and the icing on the good news cake is that Luke Wilson has continued his run of trying to a) star in every film of 2006, and b) hold the world record for an actor losing his extremities on film (see: Anchorman - arms), and signed on for the title role.

Apparently, Barry is a man who likes to put it about a bit. Sowing his wild oats, if you know what we mean. Well, one day he gets his comeuppance, so to speak, when an angry father assaults him with a trumpet. Now, we probably don't need to paint much of a mental picture for you to guess how Barry gets from that situation, to waking up in hospital sans family jewels. Granted, we haven't been given any specifics, but it's what we're thinking too. But that's only the beginning of Bazza's problems – he also gets slapped with a paternity suit from a woman he can't even remember having sex with.

There's as yet no word on who is directing (or even who is adapting the Frank Turner Hollon novel Life Is A Strange Place, on which the story is based), but Amy Adams, who you may remember from such performances as "Amy" in The Wedding Date and her supporting role in Catch Me If You Can (she was Martin Sheen's little girl who Leo almost marries), is currently in talks to appear.

No word yet on a release date, either, but to the prospect of a crotchless Wilson, we say bring it on.

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