William Brent Bell Tracks Down The Inhabitant

Devil Inside director is haunted again

William Brent Bell Tracks Down The Inhabitant

by James White |
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Despite scoring some lacklustre reviews, particularly for its frustrating finale, William Brent Bell’s thrifty horror The Devil Inside did huge business at the box office, scoring $101.7 million globally from a budget that hovered around the $1 million mark. He’s looking to keep the terror coming with a new project called **The Inhabitant.

A collection of production companies have him set to direct Stacey Meaner’s script The Inhabitant. Despite Deadline reporting on the film, no one has seen fit to release any plot details about the project, aside from admitting that it’s another supernatural tale along the lines of The Conjuring. So… haunted house thriller with a possession element? Only time will tell, but looking to leap on that bandwagon after the success of James Wan’s thriller certainly isn’t a bad idea, assuming the screenplay and finished product work.

Bell’s most recent project, werewolf thriller Wer, appears to have gotten lost in a mire of problems locking down a solid release date here or in the US, despite several screenings. Bell has other projects in development, however, including a segment of portmanteau horror Fear Paris and another mix of religion and terror in The Vatican.

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