Will Smith Promises Bad Boys: Ride Or Die Will Take ‘Aggressive Creative Shots’ – Exclusive Image

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die

by Ben Travis |
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When Will Smith and Martin Lawrence first made Bad Boys, they were – if not boys – then at least young men. And three decades later, they’re still getting caught up in carnage together; this summer sees the release of fourth film Bad Boys: Ride Or Die, following up 2020 smash Bad Boys For Life. While that third entry reckoned with the considerable gap since 2003’s Bad Boys II – and all of the personal complexities that came with that significant span of time – it seems that Ride Or Die isn’t going to play it safe, but plough further into the lives of Mike and Marcus.

In a major new joint interview in the Deadpool & Wolverine issue of Empire, Smith and Lawrence spoke about the brave swings being taken in the fourth film. “It has to feel like it earned its right to be a movie today,” says Smith. “I always hate when you see sequels that are victory laps. In Ride Or Die we’re taking some really aggressive creative shots.” The pair looked to the dramatic underpinnings of the original Lethal Weapon as an example of what’s possible to achieve in the genre. “We wanted to push the envelope of how much life experience and age specificity you can put into these movies,” Smith notes. “With this movie we’re being really aggressive in stretching what you can do in a summer action movie. There’s a spiritual aspect to it that I think people will be like, ‘Okay, that’s an interesting evolution for Marcus’ character.’”

Lawrence agrees, ready to wrestle with bigger things for his character. “They found something interesting and different from all the movies we’ve done,” he teases. “In four, you’re gonna see something different.” As long as the satisfyingly complex material keeps coming, expect the Bad Boys partnership to run and run. “I’m going to carry on as long as my brother carries on,” Lawrence says. “It’ll be very hard to get rid of me.” Now that’s a ride or die.

Empire Summer 2024 cover – Deadpool & Wolverine

Read Empire’s full Bad Boys: Ride Or Die interview with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the Deadpool & Wolverine issue – on sale Thursday 9 May. Order a copy online here. Bad Boys: Ride Or Die comes to UK cinemas on 5 June.

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