Will Arnett To Star In Space Invader

Comedian gets a sci-fi rom-com

Will Arnett To Star In Space Invader

by Willow Green |
Published on

The majority of people have no idea who Will Arnett is. The small minority who have managed to catch Arrested Development as it pinged about the schedules and sloped, quietly, onto DVD, know that he is a comedy demi-god (at least). So it's good news that he's signed on to appear in Space Invader, a new comedy set ...on a space station.

Not much has been revealed about the plot so far, except that it centres around a love triangle. This is, presumably, not to be confused with Danny Boyle's Alien Love Triangle. Sadly, there's no evidence that it will be in any way connected with the recent story about the astronaut accused of attempting to murder her rival for a shuttle pilot's affections.

The script was written by Nate Reger and Mike Lisbe, who worked on the US version of Teachers and sitcom Just Shoot Me. Lisbe has a bit of background on Futurama however, as a writer's assistant, so let's hope that some of that spirit gets carried over to this film.

As for Arnett, he's producing as well as starring, a sure sign that his star continues to rise in Hollywood. And with three films still to come out, he can only get bigger. He's worked with Will Ferrell on both **Blades Of Glory **and Semi-Pro, and with Will Forte (an SNL regular) on Brothers Solomon. Which leaves only one question - why does he always work with people called Will?

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