Whiter, Noisier

White Noise is back from the dead

Whiter, Noisier

by Willow Green |
Published on

Patrick Lussier, director of Dracula 2000 and DTV movies The Prophecy 3, Dracula II: Ascension and Dracula III: Legacy, will start shooting White Noise 2 in Vancouver in early 2006.

The sequel to the Michael Keaton thriller in which a man believed he was being contacted by his wife via Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) takes a rather different tack. This time, a man (not Keaton's character) is brought back from near-death after an attempted murder, only do discover he has gained the supernatural ability to detect others who are about to suffer untimely ends – and save them. But, in a Final Destination-ish twist, he finds that such acts of death-defying heroism don’t go unpunished…

First-time scripter Matt Venne is on writing duties, and no cast has been named as of yet.

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