Whedon And Dushku Reunite

Faith some more for Dollhouse

Whedon And Dushku Reunite

by Helen O'Hara |
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OK, so this isn't movie news - but it's even more important, dagnabbit! The godlike genius known as Joss Whedon (also His Jossness, the Whedonmeister and Lord of the Buffyverse) is planning a return to the small screen at long last. He's worked out a new series called Dollhouse, and Eliza Dushku, aka Faith from Buffy, is set to star.

The show is set in the top-secret world of a group of people who are programmed with different abilities, personalities and memories depending on the missions they are given (these can be "physical, romantic or illegal" says the blurb). After each mission the operatives have their memories wiped clean and are sent back to a lab called the Dollhouse until they are reassigned. Dushku's character, Echo, gradually begins to develop self-awareness, which affects her missions.

Other main characters include two other "dolls", one male and one female, who are friendly with Echo, the mysterious people who run the programme and a federal agent who's trying to find out if these dolls really exist. We're going to call him Mulder until they announce otherwise.

Whedon apparently threw out the concept to Dushku over lunch, she loved it and they've teamed up to make it at Fox. El Josserino has already planned out the seven episodes of the first season, which (subject to the darn strike) could go into production in the spring. Given that Wonder Woman fell apart and Goners seems to be stalled, at least we're getting some Whedon-y goodness at last.

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