West Side Story’s Kyle Allen To Play He-Man For Netflix’s Masters Of The Universe Movie

Kyle Allen

by James White |
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Since at least 2004, attempts have been made to work up another live-action adaptation of Masters Of The Universe. Directors, writers and actors have marched through the gates of Castle Grayskull with big intentions, only for it to all fall apart like a shoddily constructed play set. Netflix is the latest challenger to the throne, with West Side Story actor Kyle Allen ready to slip into the strappy armour and furry loincloth.

Masters Of The Universe, for anyone who might not know, was born from Mattel's 1980s toy line of sword and sorcery figures, around which the company built an animated series as an ultimate sales pitch. The basic story follows an orphan named Adam, who discovers he is a prince destined to be the saviour of the land known as Eternia, and must quickly learn how to use his power and alter ego He-Man to save his home from the evil Skeletor.

Various other adaptations of the toys have sprung up since they launched, including the notoriously shonky (but often enjoyed in cult so-bad-it's-fun fashion) live-action 1987 film starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man. More recently, Netflix has been tapping the source for not one but two series: Kevin Smith's updated Masters Of The Universe: Revelation and a more straightforward He-Man show.

Now, the streaming service is adding its own live-action movie take, directed and co-written by brothers Adam and Aaron Nee, who made 2015 indie crime comedy Band Of Robbers and are behind this year's The Lost City starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. They were attached to make the Masters movie for Sony, but are now moving across to the Netflix effort, with shooting pencilled in for this summer. Will they finally be the ones to have the power? Only time will tell...

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