Wes Craven May Return For Scream 4

Could the director be back for re-boot?

Wes Craven May Return For Scream 4

by Olly Richards |
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The Weinstein Co. announced recently that it is planning to bring the Scream franchise back to screens. Now MTV has spoken to Wes Craven, who shouted the orders on the first three films, and discovered that he has had some early talks about returning for the fourth movie.

“There has been talk between Bob Weinstein and me about doing another Scream,” he said. He also suggested that the studio would like to get original writer Kevin Williamson back on board. Fans will know that Williamson wrote the first two (very good) films, with Ehren Kruger taking over for the third (really not very good) installment. All great news, yes? Well, hang on just a minute.

Craven says that he would only return on his terms, following the disaster of his last collaboration with the Weinsteins. When making Cursed, intended as a sort of Werewolf version of Scream, he was subjected to no end of interference, having to re-shoot and re-cut the film until it became a completely toothless flop. "My last experience [with the Weinsteins] was kind of rough with Cursed so [a return to Scream] would have to be under very very controlled circumstances," Craven told the website.

If Craven and the Weinsteins can work out their differences then hopefully we could be in for something up to the quality of the original Scream. At the very least, it's reassuring to know that The Weinstein Co. wants the original team back and isn't just looking for something cheap and quick.

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