Wes Ball To Adapt The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August

Wes Ball

by James White |
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The last time we heard about Maze Runner trilogy director Wes Ball picking a new project, it was the news that he would direct a new instalment of the Planet Of The Apes franchise. Apparently that's not the only film he's interested in, as he's also a part of turning high concept novel The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August into a movie.

Claire North's book follows the initially unremarkable life of the titular Harry August. Born in the women's washroom of Berwick-upon-Tweed station in 1919, he live quietly, and dies in hospital in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1989. He then finds himself born again back in 1919 in the same circumstances, gaining the knowledge of his earlier life at an early age. He learns he is an "Ouroboran" or "Kalachakra" and is destined to be reborn again and again. He is not alone and is soon contacted by the Cronus Club, an organization of similarly affected members, who look after him in childhood in subsequent lives.

In later lives, Harry studies biology, chemistry, and physics. With knowledge from previous lives, he easily becomes a professor of physics at the University of Cambridge, where he meets an intelligent undergraduate student named Vincent Rankis. Vincent and Harry become friends as they talk about theoretical physics and the nature of time. Eventually, Harry and Vincent both realize the other is also an Ouroboran. Other members of the Cronus Club later inform Harry that the world is ending and that with each life Harry lives, the ending is becoming closer...

Melissa Iqbal wrote the script and we'll wait and see whether it jumps to the front of Bell's To Do list.

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