Well I Neveu

Julie Delpy eyes The Da Vinci Code

by Willow Green |
Published on

**.--- ..- .-.. .. . -.. . .-.. .--. -.-- .-- .. .-.. .-.. .--. .-.. .- -.-- ... --- .--. .... .. . -. . ...- . ..- .. -. - .... . -.. .- ...- .. -. -.-. .. -.-. --- -.. . ** What we've done there is present you with this morning's Da Vinci Code news in code. Morse code, to be precise, since we don't have either the time or access to priceless paintings to do it in an actual Da Vinci Code. If you're unable to crack it (pathetic really, didn't you ever have walkie talkies as a child?), then the latest development with Ron Howard's adaptation of the Dan Brown novel is that actress franise Julie Delpy may be up for the role of cryptologist Sophie Neveu. That is, she will be if she has anything to say about it. Talking to The Boston Herald, Delpy revealed that, while it's early days yet, she's determined to land the role and has arranged a meeting with Howard and producer Brian Grazer to iron out the details. "I'm praying," said Delpy, "but we'll see. You never know until there is a solid cast. Truth be told we can think of several more suitable names for the role but Howard has said he's after a French actress, and with Tom Hanks' likely casting as Robert Langdon, Delpy might not be such a curious choice to play his brilliant and (rather fortuitiously) beautiful sidekick. "I don't know what their idea for it is, or if I am right for it. The character is French, in her 30s and has a shade of red in her hair. I can become a redhead!" Well that's that settled.

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