Warren Ellis Scripting King Arthur

It's NOT an Excalibur remake, ok?

Warren Ellis Scripting King Arthur

by Owen Williams |
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Comics scribe Warren Ellis was at Comic Con last week to talk about his Marvel work (he's currently brainstorming stories for new** Iron Man** and Wolverine cartoon series) but didn't get a chance to mention his other current Big Project: a new version of the King Arthur legend.

Ain't It Cool picked up a post on Ellis' website, which reads "I’m writing a film treatment for Hollywood Gang, who co-produced Frank Miller’s **300 **[and] previously optioned my graphic novel Ocean. On my desk, the treatment is called Untitled Arthurian Project. On their desk, the project is called Excalibur."

AIC then got Ellis to clarify that his treatment is based on the gathering of the knights of the round table, and is not (in his eyes at least) a remake of the John Boorman version from 1981.

In the comics world, Ellis is prolific and impressive, having written for Marvel, DC/Vertigo, Image, and just about any other company that you care to mention.

His run on Iron Man got him a lot of attention (some of it less than favourable) and he makes a great talking head on that film's DVD extras. Aside from that though, and a DTV Castlevania movie (what is it with Castlevania this morning?), film is not an area he's known for dabbling in.

But as long as his King Arthur doesn't feature a horribly mis-cast Kiera Knightly as a woad-daubed amazon, we'll remain very optimistic indeed.

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