Warners Launches Blood Wars

More vampires? Apparently...

Warners Launches Blood Wars

by James White |
Published on

Somehow, somewhere deep in the bowels of Hollywood, a Warner Bros. executive woke one recent morning and said to themselves, “you know what the world needs now? Not love, sweet love. Another vampire story!” Yes, because we haven’t had five billion variations on the fang club’s deeds already, the studio has bought up Chad St. John’s story Blood Wars.

In what sounds like a blend of the planned dystopian future of the Blade series and 2009’s Daybreakers, St. John’s story involves a world where vampires rule and humans are basically blood-supplying slaves. But because there wouldn’t be much of a plot if it were just endless scenes of the bloodsuckers chowing down on hapless mortals, there’s a human resistance afoot, with our brave soldiers infiltrating the vampire army and planning a revolution. It’s described by as “a radial reinvention of vampire mythology,” but it honestly sounds like the same ol’ humans vs fangs battle.

Dalan Musson will write the script with Imagine Entertainment overseeing for Warners. Anyone excited about this one? Anyone? Bueller?

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