Warners Finds Heaven’s Shadow

David Goyer's sci-fi novel trilogy

Warners Finds Heaven's Shadow

by James White |
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When you’re David Goyer, and you’ve helped write the most recent Batman films (not to mention apparently cracking the Superman concept) for Warner Bros., chances are you can get the studio to pretty much buy your shopping list. Well, don’t go looking for Eggs And Carrots at the multiplex just yet, but Warners has plunked down some money to buy the rights to Goyer’s science fiction novel trilogy.

The first book, Heaven’s Shadow, which Goyer is apparently busy writing with Michael Cassutt, will hit shelves in July next year. That’ll be followed by Heaven’s War and Heaven’s Fall.

As for the plot? The story starts with a strange object headed through space, aimed straight at Earth. While there’s naturally some panicking across the globe, it soon becomes a competition between governments to see who can reach what scientists think might be a meteor chunk. Then the astronauts actually get to the thing and discover the truth: alien forces! Intending to invade our world! Red alert!

Goyer’s deal includes the fact that he’ll adapt Heaven’s Shadow as the first script and produce the film, though there’s no word on whether he’ll direct. Given the relative lack of success for the movies where he’s been behind the camera (including **Blade Trinity **and The Unborn), he may prefer to stay out of the line of fire.

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