Warcraft: The Beginning character posters online


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Warcraft: The Beginning character posters

Most of the posters thus far released for Warcraft: The Beginning have focused on the film itself. It's time to get character specific with some fresh imagery, kicking off with Orgrim Doomhammer (Rob Kazinsky) and Durotan (Toby Kebbell) above.

Based on the incredibly popular and sprawling game, Warcraft follows what happens when the peaceful realm of Azeroth is thrown into chaos by the arrival of what appear to be fearsome invaders: Orc warriors. Fleeing their dying home, the new arrivals are looking for somewhere to colonize and the human realm would seem to be ideal. But that sets the stage for an epic clash between the two races, even as heroes on opposing sides come to realise that there might just be more to fight for than just conquest and defence.

Our main man on the human side is Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel), here shown opposite Blackhand (Clancy Brown), who feels like he'll be more trouble.

Warcraft: The Beginning character posters

And then there is the ruler of the human kingdom, King Llane (Dominic Cooper), a man not content to always sit on his throne, always willing to go out and fight for his people. He's next to Lady Taria, AKA "The Queen Of Hope" (Ruth Negga).

Warcraft: The Beginning character posters

Finally, tremble at the might of Garona (Paula Patton), the half-Orc, half-human warrior who faces a fight for acceptance and Gul’dan (Daniel Wu), an Orc with invasion on his mind.

Warcraft: The Beginning character posters

Ben Foster, Callan Mulvey and Terry Notary feature in the cast, and Warcraft: The Beginning touches down on May 30. Check out the latest trailer below.

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