It’s War! Brian Cox Starring In New Churchill Film

Brian Cox

by James White |
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Brian Cox

Given that he’s just a plastic insurance sales mascot, it’s amazing the number of films in development about Church... Sorry, Winston? Ah, yes. It’s Winston Churchill who is the subject of various potential movies and now Brian Cox is starring in one called **Churchill{ =nofollow}.

Brian Welsh is in the director’s chair for this one, working from a script by historian Alex von Tunzelmann. It’ll chronicle the tense build up to the D-Day landings, Churchill’s leadership role and his more private side in his relationship with wife Clementine. We’ll meet a man who is tired from the strain of ongoing conflict, and fraught with worry that if the D-Day operation doesn’t work, he’ll be remembered not for his proud legacy as a wartime Prime Minister, but as the man who orchestrated a bloodbath with little result. It’s Clementine who helps keep him focused and brings him back from the brink.

Welsh and his producers are close to finding someone to tackle the Clementine role and the cameras should be cranking next spring. It’s just the latest script about the man to join the crush, with The Theory Of Everything’s Anthony McCarten developing one called Darkest Hour.

Cox has worked on horror film The Autopsy Of Jane Doe and crime drama The Jesuit. He’ll also be seen in The Carer and, while the Broken Lizard gang haven’t quite hit the $5 million he claimed would mean he’d return for the Super Troopers sequel that is now shooting, the IMDB has him listed in the cast, so let’s hope that’s not simply wishful thinking on their (and our) part.

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