Want To Be In The Mummy 2?

Casting kicks off in London

by Willow Green |
Published on

Further proof that the production start of The Mummy 2 is imminent comes this week in the form of a press release on the Casting Collective website asking for extras for ‘a big feature to be filmed between May and September around the London area.’ If you’re a ‘black muscular-type warrior’, or of arab appearance or very skinny you stand a good chance of making it into one of the bigger blockbusters of next year. Alternatively, the agency is also searching for a 4ft Caucasian male who could double as an eight year old boy. Presumably they need some sort of double for whoever plays the son of Rachel Weisz and Brendan Fraser. While a spokesperson at the agency would not commit to saying that it was The Mummy 2 that they were casting, she would say ‘it’s pretty obvious what it is.’ Interested? Then call 0208 962 0099 or email them at enquiries@castingcollective.co.uk

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