WandaVision: Creator Jac Schaeffer On Episode 5’s Big Moment


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The team behind WandaVision has been dropping a few bombshells in the most recent episodes, but few had the impact of the person at the door when Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) opened up near the end of Episode 5. If you've yet to watch it, begone and do so, but for those who have, the discussion continues below.

This past week's show, "On A Very Special Episode..." finds Wanda confronted with Pietro Maximoff, AKA her twin brother. Except... He died in Avengers: Age Of Ultron and was played there by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Here? It was Evan Peters, who just so happens to be Peter, AKA Quicksilver from the Fox X-Men movies. It's technically the same character, just from different universes.

Show-runner Jac Schaeffer opened up about the choice to cross the Marvel movie streams, even if we're still not 100% sure this is actually Quicksilver.

"We loved the idea of bringing him back,” Schaeffer tells Marvel.com. "And then we were like, 'how in the world are we going to make this make logical sense? Like, how do we justify this?' Because that's the thing, you can hatch a million great ideas, but to make them land, to make them be grounded, to make them feel organic to the larger story."

The idea to do this came early on, from Schaeffer and executive producer Mary Livanos, who were determined to make it work. "This show is such a mind scramble, and because it's working on so many levels, and there's so many notions of what's real and what's not, and performance, and casting, and audience, and fandom, and all of that, we just thought it would be the biggest thrill to bring Evan over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

“We were rooting for it for so long, and didn't know if it would be possible,” Schaeffer explains. "It was complicated to make happen. Evan was always up for it — like, always, always, always. He is a comic book fan, and a Marvel fan. He is always up for the absolute weirdest option. And he's a pleasure — truly a pleasure to work with." For more from Schaeffer, head to Marvel's site.

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