Wade Is A Terrible Hero In The New Deadpool Short


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If you've been to see Logan already (and the movie's box office results suggest a large swathe of you have, though we've bee hearing that several UK venues don't seem to have it attached, so this release is doubly welcome), then you'll have watched the Deadpool scene that played before Wolverine's latest film started. Wade Wilson (AKA Ryan Reynolds) has put it officially online for those who have yet to watch it...

The footage – which the filmmakers have been quick to stress is not from the sequel now in development, though includes more than a few nods to potential elements, including Nathan Summers' (Cable) name scrawled on the phone booth – finds our less than responsible hero attempting a Superman-style quick change to help the victim of a street mugging. Suffice to say, he takes a little longer than Clark Kent usually does and things do not turn out well for the poor civilian. Still, at least Wade gets ice cream out of it.

With Reynolds suiting up once more, Deadpool 2 once again has Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese on script duty, with John Wick's David Leitch taking over the director's chair from Tim Miller. There is no release date set in stone (reassuring in a world where studios start scheduling sequels before the original has had a chance to open), but hopefully it won't be too long before we get more from the Merc With A Mouth. For now, enjoy the ability to freeze frame that text crawl at the end, look for all the potential clues dropped in and see a fun cameo from Marvel's usual one-line star.

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