Wachowskis Go Speed Racing

Set to film the action film in Germany

Wachowskis Go Speed Racing

by Willow Green |
Published on

In the overexposed world of Hollywood, there are few beings as mysterious, as elusive, as downright disappeared, as the lesser-spotted Wachowski. Sure, the only known pair did make that film **The Matrix **(three of them? Really? You're sure?) a few years back, and there were said to be involved in V For Vendetta, but since they they seemed to have died out. But there's happy news today for Wachowski watchers, who have spotted the pair headed for the Babelsberg Studios to make their new film, Speed Racer.

An adaptation of the classic Japanese cartoon, set in the world of speed racing, obviously enough. The plan is to make the film a "high-octane" actioner, which wouldn't come as much of a shock from these directors.

The studio, in the pleasant town of Potsdam-Babelsberg near Berlin, was also the location for the V For Vendetta shoot, and saw a tiny bit of action of The Bourne Ultimatum last month. Naturalists speculate that the Wachowskis may be migratory creatures, returning to the same places to breed new films according to their own, mysterious creative urges. Whatever the reason, it's good to see this film finally getting off the starting blocks, even if the small matter of a cast and so on remain to be sorted out.

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