Von Trier Wants You Hunting Lookeys

A mind game hidden in his new films

Von Trier Wants You Hunting Lookeys

by Willow Green |
Published on

Lars Von Trier just can’t help messing with people. If it’s not tackling tricky US issues in films set entirely on near-blank soundstages, it’s hiding mind games in his new releases.

Called 'Lookeys', Von Trier describes them as “visual disturbances”, and they apparently make the viewer work harder when watching the director’s films. Because Dogville was, as we all know, a piece of cake.

The first film to feature the game – the movie acts as the board – will be his office farce The Boss Of It All. And if anyone should find all the Lookeys, they’ll win more than $5,000 and the chance to be an extra in Von Trier’s next film, horror pic Anti-Christ.

"Film as media has one great flaw — it's a one-way media with a passive audience. As much as I love to dictate the storyline and control the experience I still wish that the audience could take an active part," von Trier told Variety.

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