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Kevin Spacey leads the real Ocean's 11

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George Clooney? Pah! He and his mighty fine-looking comrades in crime certainly cut a good look while lightening a few casino purses in Ocean's 11, but it's time to stand aside now, George. The real criminal genius is back. Oh yes, indeedy, it's Keyser Soze himself. Kevin Spacey is to flirt with the wrong side of the law again in a movie adaptation of the book "Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions." The true story follows a sextet of brainiacs from uber-uni Massachusetts Institute of Technology and how they managed to take Vegas casinos for millions in winnings. And not with any Clooney-style swish subterfuge or technological wizardry, thank you very much. This bonanza's achieved purely through the exercise of those little grey cells. Yep, the geeks do actually win the day. Spacey will play the M.I.T. teacher and brilliant ringleader to the collection of spekky genii who train to become experts in card counting to bamboozle the casinos. Produced through Spacey's company Trigger Street Productions, Breaking House will find it hard to match the mammoth-sized charisma of Clooney and co. but with a cracking young cast filling out the roles of big-brained ones, it looks mighty fun.

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