Virtual Extras

by Willow Green |
Published on

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson says that New Line Cinema chairman Robert Shaye gave the go-ahead to the movie - and for two sequels - after he watched 36 minutes of special effects battle scenes created by a software system developed by Jackson's company. In an interview appearing on Harry Knowles' Ain't It Cool News web site, Jackson said that the software, dubbed MASSIVE, allows him to put 200,000 "extras" on screen. "You basically press a button, sit back and watch these huge battles unfold before your eyes," said Jackson. "It's amazing and a little frightening as it ushers in a new era in CG effects." He added that Shaye "watched the tape in total silence and then declared that he wanted to make three movies. Bob deserves the credit for making a trilogy. It was his idea."

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