Vin Diesel’s Riddick: Furya To Film Later This Year

Vin Diesel as Richard B. Riddick

by James White |
Published on

You might think that Vin Diesel would be mostly focused on finishing the Fast & Furious franchise at this point, with the reportedly last movie still sitting in the development garage. But it appears another of his recognizable characters has overtaken Dom Toretto in the race to screens – Richard B. Riddick. Riddick: Furya is now in line to shoot in August.

The Riddick character originated in 2000's Pitch Black, which saw him and a group of survivors of a crashed spaceship tackling bloodthirsty critters that hunt by night — as the planet they're stranded on is thrust into a long night by an eclipse. He was further explored by 2004's The Chronicles Of Riddick and 2013's Riddick.

Writer/director David Twohy, who has been on the Riddick journey alongside Diesel since the first movie, is back for Furya, which sees the character finally return to his home world, a place he barely remembers at this point. Concerned he could find it a rubble-strewn hellscape, he's not really surprised to discover other Furyans fighting for their lives against a new monster and that some of those Furyans are more like him than could imagine.

Beyond this and Fast 29 (okay, the eleventh outing), he's also got the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots film and a Kojak adaptation on his To Do list, but Riddick has punched his way to the front.

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