Vin Diesel Starring In Muscle For Director F Gary Gray

Vin Diesel, F Gary Gray

by James White |
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Welcome to a day of Vin Diesel news. Okay, so he might not be featured in any of the Oscar-nominated movies, but there's a new Fast & Furious 9 trailer online and also news that he's reuniting with Fast 8 director F. Gary Gray for a new action-comedy called Muscle.

The exact details of the film are being kept quiet for now, but we do know that the film originated with writers Scott Taylor and Wesley Jermaine Johnson and has since seen a rewrite from The Falcon And The Winter Soldier's Malcolm Spellman, alongside John Swetnam.

Gray is intending this as his next film, and will gear up to shoot later this year. This will mark the third time he's worked with Diesel, the first being 2003's A Man Apart.

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