Velvet Buzzsaw Is About Commerce Invading Art, Says Jake Gyllenhaal – Exclusive Image

Velvet Buzzsaw - exclusive

by Ben Travis, Andrew Dickens |
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Jake Gyllenhaal’s turn as Lou Bloom in Nightcrawler ranks among his very best – making the fact that he’s re-teaming with writer-director Dan Gilroy all the more enticing. The pair’s next film is the moreishly-titled Velvet Buzzsaw, a satirical horror film about the art world that casts Gyllenhaal as Morf Vandewalt, an LA-based art critic who discovers and praises the work of a recently-deceased creative. Things get weird from there, with a mounting bodycount and supernatural forces at work.

Velvet Buzzsaw - exclusive

Just as Nightcrawler took a pitch-black view of the media’s near-vampiric desire for death and destruction and those complicit in feeding it, Velvet Buzzsaw has its sights set on the relationship between art and commerce. “There’s so much money around,” Gyllenhaal tells Empire in the Captain Marvel issue, out now. “Art has become invaded by a whole other world that is not a creative world, and there isn’t a necessity for it.”

Read more about Velvet Buzzsaw in the new issue of Empire, now on newsstands and available to order online here{ =nofollow}. The film arrives on Netflix on 1 February.

Empire – March 2019 – Captain Marvel newsstand cover

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