Val Kilmer Bringing Iceman Back For Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun Val Kilmer

by James White |
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When the sequel known as Top Gun: Maverick was formally confirmed with a start of production post by star Tom Cruise last week, everyone (including our Pod-team) speculated on the potential return for Val Kilmer's rival pilot Tom “Iceman” Kazansky. Speculate no more, as according to The Wrap, he's officially back.

Quite what Iceman (signature quote: "You are dangerous!") will be up to this time remains a mystery, though anyone who has watched the original will know – spoiler alert for a 32-year-old movie – that Iceman's attitude towards Cruise's Pete "Maverick" Mitchell warmed considerably when he helped save the squad's lives from enemy planes.

And indeed, little is known about the plot for the sequel, which has Joseph Kosinski directing from a script that has seen work from Eric Warren Singer, Peter Craig and Justin Marks. What we have learned so far is that Maverick, and presumably Iceman, will be mentors for a new generation of flyers in a world where aerial combat is changing forever. Kilmer had previously dropped hints that he'd be back for the sequel, then took those comments back, saying the sequel was a long way off. Well, now we're at the edge of the Danger Zone once again, and Top Gun: Maverick should be cleared for cine-take off on 12 July next year. Just don't let it buzz the tower.

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