Update: Will Vaughn Direct Bloodshot?

Maybe. Possibly. Wait and see...

Update: Will Vaughn Direct Bloodshot?

by James White |
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*Update, 12.15pm: We've done some digging around and discovered that you can file this pretty firmly under rumour. Although Bloodshot is on a list of projects Matthew Vaughn's considering to follow up Kick-Ass, it's by no means guaranteed to be his next. As we understand it, a script is being written and no commitments will be made until that's done. *

He’s wowing us with Kick-Ass this week, but could Matthew Vaughn be sticking with the comic book world for his next film?

According to Latino Review’s source, Vaughn is close to picking his follow-up project – and the leading contender is Bloodshot.

Bloodwhat? The Valiant Comics character is a former mob killer double-crossed by his employers and murdered. He’s revived by the FBI (what, no do-gooding, recently-killed agents available) via a secret process that pumps nanites into his bloodstream, healing his wounds and making him close to indestructible. Oh, and wiping his memory in the process.

He sets out to discover who he was, and wages a one-man war against the mafia types who betrayed him.

Sounds bloody, ballsy and right up Vaughn’s alley. Still, there is zero confirmation on this right now, so file it firmly in the rumour category.

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