Unofficial Cloverfield Short Megan Tells A Spin-Off Story Linked To 10 Cloverfield Lane

Megan - Cloverfield fan film

by Ben Travis |
Published on

If J.J. Abrams is to be believed – and can he ever be, considering how much he loves hoodwinking audiences? – the upcoming Paramount World War 2 horror film he's produced, Overlord, is not a Cloverfield movie. But if you’ve been hoping for a new Clover-fix in the wake of this year’s The Cloverfield Paradox, here’s something to help tide you over. A fan film – which is to say, a very slickly-produced short that doesn’t seem to be officially affiliated with the main series – called Megan has popped up, offering a fun tie-in to the monster anthology.

Directed by Greg Strasz, visual effects supervisor on Independence Day: Resurgence, the film involves a deep-sea discovery of the monstrous kind – and its titular character is pitched as the daughter of John Goodman’s 10 Cloverfield Lane character Howard Stambler. You might need a degree in Clover-lore to work out all the connections, but even those only vaguely familiar with Abrams’ running references will spot Megan drinking from a Slusho cup.

Whether or not Overlord does end up being a Cloverfield film or not, Abrams has hinted that a “true, dedicated Cloverfield sequel” is on the way. And with Megan being titled on YouTube as a 'proof of concept', if the short catches the eye of the Bad Robot team there could be more from Strasz in the future.

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