Adam Sandler Is Under Pressure In Uncut Gems Trailer

Uncut Gems

by Ben Travis |
Published on

Anyone who caught the 2017 Robert Pattison-starring heist thriller Good Time – and if you haven’t you really should – will know that filmmakers the Safdie Brothers can put a trippy, disorienting and incredible twist on a well-worn genre. Now they’re back with Uncut Gems, another hazy-hued crime movie, this time starring Adam Sandler as a jewellery shop owner who faces mounting pressure from the criminal world when he's embroiled in some dodgy gambling. If you’re ready for a stressful few hours where a man’s precarious decisions catch up with him, watch the first Uncut Gems trailer below.

The trailer also teases roles from the dependably brilliant LaKeith Stanfield, Frozen’s Idina Menzel – whose character seems to be in a relationship with Sandler’s Howard Ratner until he tells her to let it go – plus there are brief cameos from musician The Weeknd and basketball player Kevin Garnett. And for those who loved the hypnotic pulsing colours of Good Time, this seems to have a similar aesthetic, once again buoyed by a soundtrack from Oneohtrix Point Never, this time credited by his non-stagename Daniel Lopatin.

The film, from studio A24, is set to hit US cinemas this December – but a UK date is yet to be confirmed. Hopefully Uncut Gems will be a cinematic diamond awaiting us in the early months of 2020.

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