Uma Thurman And Rob Riggle Join The War With Grandpa

Uma Thurman and Rob Riggle

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The way it was casting up last year, we'd have thought that new family comedy The War With Grandpa had already shot. But no, the cameras have just started rolling, with Uma Thurman and Rob Riggle joining Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken in the movie.

Adapted from Robert Kimmel Smith's novel, with Tim Hill calling the shots, The War With Grandpa finds a lad named Peter (Max Jenkins) torn between his affection for his grandfather and his cherished bedroom. When his grandmother dies, grandpa moves in and, thanks to his dodgy leg, he can't live in the attic bedroom. So you can figure out what happens next... Yes, the boy is punted upstairs, but, egged on by his friends, starts a Home Alone-style prank war to reclaim his territory, only to discover that gramps is pretty adept at the tricks himself.

Deadline's report on the new recruits doesn't mention what they'll be playing, we'd guess they'll be Peter's parents. And the trade site's story also mentions a weird fact about the film: it was brought to producer Rosa Morris-Peart by her son Marvin Peart III when he was eight years old. He'd read the book in school and thought it might make a good film – which means he scores an executive producer credit on the result, at the age of 11. Empire will be aiming to best this seeming world record by recruiting an unborn child as a producer on the podcast. Ultrasound Productions will soon be in business!

Christopher Walken Recruited For The War With Grandpa

Robert De Niro Starring In Comedy The War With Grandpa

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