Ty Burrell Voicing Mr Peabody & Sherman

For DreamWorks Animation

Ty Burrell Voicing Mr Peabody & Sherman

by James White |
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Though DreamWorks Animation put on a big show for its 2012 films this week, the company stayed silent on plans for projects beyond that. But now it has announced that Modern Family's Ty Burrell will be taking over voice duties on Mr Peabody And Sherman.

It’s something of a surprise, because back in January of last year, the big news was that Robert Downey Jr would be voicing the ‘toon pooch. There’s no word on what happened to make the change necessary, but it’s not the first time the Iron Man actor has been lined up for a DreamWorks Animation release only to vanish: he was also supposed to voice the title character in Megamind, but Will Ferrell’s tonsil talents were used in the end.

**The Lion King **director Rob Minkoff is overseeing the film, which adapts the classic Jay Ward cartoon featuring the world’s smartest person – who just so happens to be a pooch – and his pet boy, Sherman (who will be voiced by Max Charles). Craig Wright has written the latest draft of the script, which sees Sherman take their time-travelling WABAC machine out for an unauthorised spin, leading to historical chaos.

"The brilliantly comedic and paternal sensibilities of Ty Burrell make him ideal for the role of the beloved Mr Peabody, and we are thrilled that he will join Max Charles as the leads of Mr Peabody and Sherma****n," the company’s chief creative officer Bill Damaschke tells Variety.

Burrell, of course, has been winning awards as Phil Dunphy on TV’s Modern Family. But he’s also got a nice line in film roles, with appearances in the upcoming Butter and Goats. Charles, meanwhile, is playing the young Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man (which swings over here on July 4), and will be seen in The Three Stooges.

Mr Peabody And Sherman is set for a US release on March 14, 2014, but there’s been no formal announcement of when it’ll make it to our shores.

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