Tron Legacy Director Seeks Oblivion

New sci-fi project planned

Tron Legacy Director Seeks Oblivion

by Helen O'Hara |
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He's still got about a year of post-production to do on Tron Legacy, and then no doubt several months of publicity in the company of Jeff Bridges and the rest, but director Joseph Kosinski has lined up his next film, and it's another slice of sci-fi. The difference is that this one's based on his own concept, and is called Oblivion.

The story sees a battle-damaged soldier sent to a remote planet following a court-martial. There, he is supposed to hunt down the last survivors of a primitive alien race that once inhabited the world. Instead, he meets a "mysterious traveller", and the pair start to question their role on the world.

We're guessing there's a bit of an Avatar-style reversal after that (humanity's the bad guy!) but it sounds like a promising start. Kosinski will direct and produce, and is joined in the latter role by David Fincher, among others. An 'illustrated novel', with over 40 paintings accompanying the text, will be published to accompany the film. For more on Tron Legacy, check out our Comic-Con report here.

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