Tremors is coming back back back to TV (with a side of Kevin Bacon)

Kevin Bacon

by James White |
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If you thought the sequels (and short-lived TV spin-off) to 1990’s cult monster movie Tremors were missing something, you’re apparently not alone. Horror production company Blumhouse is looking to revive the franchise on the small screen, and Kevin Bacon is on board as Valentine McKee.

Yes, though the film-spawned follow-ups (the most recent arrived this year with straight-to-disc release Tremors 5: Bloodlines) have been as bacon-free as a vegetarian sandwich, all that could change now the latest show is in development. Nothing to do with the one-season series that ran on the Sci-Fi Channel (when it still had that name) in 2003, the new show is aiming to find out what McKee has been up to in Perfection and, of course, to bring more maybe via the pesky subterranean Graboids.

Andrew Miller is the writer in charge of developing the new concept, with Bacon adding executive producer to his acting credit. He’s been itching to get back to the role for a while, as his affection for the 1990 original is on record.

The next step is to find a network (broadcast, cable or, as is increasingly popular these days, streaming) to handle the series, which according to Entertainment Weekly, has a lot of interest. Just be careful where you tread…

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