Trejo and Jones Head For Graveland

In a feminist biker revenge movie

Trejo and Jones Head For Graveland

by Owen Williams |
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With motorcycles shining like national guitars, Vinnie Jones and Danny Trejo are bouncing into "outlaw biker indie" Graveland, according to Production Weekly. The project's sketchy website also lists Hostel star Barbara Nedeljakova as attached.

We don't yet know who they'll be playing, but the film, directed by Suture's Tammi Sutton, is a gynocentric desert revenge picture, set in a world where men are submissive. Vague echoes of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! there. And indeed of the Two Ronnies' The Worm That Turned. The sight of Trejo and Jones in frocks would be worth the ticket price alone.

Unlikely though, since Sutton's film is "an homage to Peckinpah and Leone", and her agenda is apparently to reclaim the Spaghetti Western while stripping it of its misogyny (thanks to the Examiner for that info). She's also keen to make the biking credible: all the hogs are custom made, and actors are being cast on their ability to ride them convincingly.

No start date yet. More news as it roars into town.

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