Trap Trailer: Josh Hartnett Is A Serial Killer On The Run In M Night Shyamalan Thriller

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by James White |
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It's a big family year for M. Night Shyamalan. One of his daughters, Ishana Shyamalan, has her first film landing soon (that would be The Watched), and now another child, Saleka is playing a Taylor Swift-alike pop star in the trailer for her father's latest, Trap. Check out the first trailer for that one, which stars Josh Hartnett, below…

Trap finds Shyamalan in darkly funny mode, this time the story of a dad (Hartnett) treating his daughter (Ariel Donoghue) by taking her to a Lady Raven (Saleka) concert.

But there's a twist – and not one that the writer/director is hiding, since it's right there in the trailer: the whole event is designed as a trap for a local serial killer… And the target is most definitely at the concert.

"It kind of led more and more to this dark humor angle that Servant has and The Visit and Split had," Shyamalan told Variety at an event to celebrate both movies in Los Angeles, "and making sure it’s a fun time for everybody. It’s odd… when you should be terrified and you’re laughing at the same time."

The Trap will be sprung in UK cinemas on 9 August.

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