Train To Busan Follow-Up Peninsula Shares Frantic First Trailer

Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula

by Ben Travis |
Published on

Look, the last thing we all need right now is a film about the world being ravaged by a deadly virus. But we’ll make an exception for Korean zombie movie Peninsula, the highly-anticipated follow-up to Train To Busan – the zombies-on-a-train horror with more peril than a rail replacement bus service. Set four years after that previous film, Peninsula is set in a fully post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland, with flesh-eating hordes roaming the remnants of society while any surviving humans descend into lawlessness. Watch the first trailer, which is full of frantic action:

Phew. Looks good, right? Director Yeon Sang-ho – behind Train To Busan and its feature-length animated prequel Seoul Station – is once again directing here and he’s going big with this one, seemingly delighting in cranking up the scale, delivering more expansive mayhem. It’s particularly exciting when you remember just how brilliantly staged the set pieces in Train To Busan were. Could this be the Aliens to Train To Busan’s Alien? Here’s the official synopsis: “Jung-seok, a soldier who previously escaped the diseased wasteland, relives the horror when assigned to a covert operation with two simple objectives: retrieve and survive. When his team unexpectedly stumbles upon survivors, their lives will depend on whether the best — or worst — of human nature prevails in the direst of circumstances.”

We don’t quite know when this one will be arriving in the UK – the film was slated to arrive this summer in Korea, and it already has an American distributor in Well Go USA Entertainment, who have put out this trailer. Here’s hoping a UK distribution deal isn’t far behind – and stay tuned in case this is yet another film set to shift release dates due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Hey, at least we’re not facing a zombie outbreak.

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