How To Train Your Dragon To Hit TV

DreamWorks expands the franchise again

How To Train Your Dragon To Hit TV

by James White |
Published on

It seems like only yesterday that we were reporting that DreamWorks Animation had officially announced the sequel to How To Train Your Dragon. Which might be because it was. But it would appear that Jeffrey Katzenberg is intent on making this Dragon Week (he can afford it, you know), because word has just come down that the film will also be spun off into a TV show.

This is not exactly the most surprising news, since DreamWorks has been doing TV versions of successful characters from its films for a while now. Shrek has appeared in a few holiday specials, the Monsters Vs Aliens team took on Halloween last year and the Kung Fu Panda series is due to hit the airwaves in the future.

But by far and away the most prominent of the pack are the penguins of Madagascar, who’ve had their own series for a while now.

There are no details on what the premise would be for the Dragon series, though given the source material is Cressida Cowell’s nine-book set, there are plenty of likely storylines, plus, like the films, the writers will deviate off on their own adventures.

Also unsure at this point is whether the film (and its sequel)’s voice cast will return: we doubt most of them would want to put in the time to commit to a series, so chances are it’ll be a bunch of sound-alikes. Still, if you dig the Dragons (especially if you have kids), this will no doubt be good news.

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