Train To Busan Follow-Up Shooting In 2019

Train To Busan

by Ben Travis |
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If you’ve never been convinced by the ‘running zombies’ trope, there’s one film that could change your mind: relentless Korean horror Train To Busan. Yeon Sang-ho’s film is an instant classic modern zombie movie, depicting an undead outbreak just as a father and daughter board a train to – you guessed it – Busan. When the infection also makes its way onto the train, the passengers end up on a journey more nightmarish than a rail replacement bus service.

As well as fleshing out the film’s world in 2016’s feature-length animated prequel Seoul Station, Sang-ho has confirmed that he’s working on a follow-up called Bando, which translates as ‘peninsula’. Speaking to ScreenDaily{=nofollow} he said: “It is an extension of Train To Busan, after the virus has spread throughout Korea, but the characters are not the same. It shares the same world view and is a zombie action film that deals with the aftermath on the peninsula of what happened in Train To Busan.”

Bando is currently in the scripting stage and is set to shoot in 2019, with Sang-ho adding that he won’t be working on an animated companion for this one. Considering how evocatively he depicted the start of the outbreak in Train To Busan, it’ll be fascinating to see what he can cook up in a fully-infested world.

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