Trailer For Superhero Movie

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Trailer For Superhero Movie

by Olly Richards |
Published on

The word 'spoof' has become greatly devalued in recent times. You no longer think the genius of Airplane! or Young Frankenstein – and both are unequivocally genius – but rather the joyless clod of Meet The Spartans or Date Movie.

The trailer for Superhero Movie, which you can see below, doesn't seem to be anywhere near the quality of the former films, but it's a hell of a lot better than the latter. Billed as a mickey take of all superhero movies, it's actually more a play on Spider-Man. At least it has a story and isn't just a series of woeful pop-culture jokes about how, like, Paris Hilton is totally, like, stupid and Britney Spears is super crazy and weird! LOL!!!! OMG! KFC!!!!!11

The staple gun gag made us chuckle and we still hold residual affection for Leslie Nielsen. What do you think?

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