Trailer For Last Knights Arrives Online

Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman get medieval

Trailer For Last Knights Arrives Online

by Owen Williams |
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Filmed a full two years ago, Last Knights has been inhabiting a misty limbo-land waiting for release. It seems it's finally emerging, blinking into the sunlight of 2015, however, and to prove it here's a trailer to show us what we've been missing while we watched Game Of Thrones instead. Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman are the stars, both upstaged by Freeman's moustache.

Shot in and around Prague but set in a medieval fantasy-land, Last Knights is the story of Owen's Raiden, a swordsman employed by Freeman's dishonoured Lord Bartok to lead a band of warriors against corrupt ruler Gezza Mott (Headhunters' Aksel Hennie).

Kazuaki Kiriya is the director, making his first film on actual sets and locations, following the entirely green-screen antics of Casshern and Goemon. Michael Konyves (Barney's Version) and Dove Sussman worked on the screenplay, and Last Knights gets an online and limited theatrical release in the US on April 3. There's no sign of a UK release date yet. Kim Newman's Video Dungeon beckons.

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